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My name is Mertz Dylan and i am 23 years young. I am working since 2015 as web devloper and started with developing webpages in my last years of school. I have a diploma of technician in the informatik from 2013 enclosed at Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers.

The photography is a rather new hobbie of mine. I only started with it at begining of 2017. So i have a lot of level ups before reaching my end goal, constantly improving and trying new things. So i am not specialized on any direction of photography and in the the near futur i will not set on one, but rather explore more of everything.

I am active on several social networks, where you can contact me or message me and at best support me.

500px is a heavy focused page for photography. I use it to explore the photos of other photographers, to support those i like and to search for inspiration. I post my photos at the highest quality possible for me to be able to offer the service to buy the photos.

Youtube is obviously for Videos. Videos in the genre of "carporns" is the direction i do. I have not done much there yet but want to and try to do more.

Instagram as well as Facebook will be pages to see new photos or upcomming projects. As well as a communication plattform between you and me if you want. Also experiments i will try me at will be posted there. And general things.

Lastly i would love and be happy to see your support. And any feedback you have is welcome and appreciated.